After accidentally deleting my previous website, I am starting from scratch. I was near tears when I discovered what I had done. My wise husband advised me to look at it with fresh eyes and start AGAIN. In the past I was sharing more photography than writing. However, this time, it will be a better blend of written and visual expressions of the things the feed my creativity. As this develops, I hope you will share things you find educational, interesting, funny (you get the picture).

If you experience a delay in seeing your posts, it is awaiting approval to post in hopes of avoiding phishing scams. However, if a post is meant to inflame or express bigotry in its various forms, your post will not make it live. You will need to go elsewhere to exercise your first amendment rights.

In my quest of processing life on Earth, I hope to share my methods and outcome with the world and hope to find individuals that expand my views in the process.

Thanks for taking the time to stop in. Please feel free to leave a hello or other thoughts. Gratefully yours, Deb