Hi and Welcome to Muse Mulch! My name is Debra Huenke. Why the name Muse Mulch?

For so long, I fought my inability to focus on one thing. Writing, photos, various outlets for my interest in crafts, gardening, decorating. I could go on. For years, translation: decades, I tried to contain my curious nature and focus on one thing. While the “one thing” approach works for others, it does not work for me. “The more the merrier.” (modified for my context) Some interests wane with a change of seasons. I am learning to honor this aspect of myself; thus, Muse Mulch. In my world, one interest feeds another. The Muse needs feed. Build a compost from various feed and Muse grows. It is a well-fed beast. I am both fortunate and grateful. Muse Mulch will be home to sharing my interests and the numerous talented people who fuel me.